Law Keeping the Church

By Ahmad Muntaha
Indonesia as a country consisting of various tribes, languages ​​and religions has a rich diversity. In taking care of this diversity of course required a high tolerance, mature and proportional in its application. Remember, we will find many religious events held by every adherent. This certainly needs to be addressed wisely and wisely.

In the name of tolerance among religious people in Indonesia who embrace Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, we often find in some big events such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and others. In the celebration, many Muslim communities, even one of the largest Islamic organization wings in Indonesia (Banser) to secure non-Muslims who are worshiping to realize a sense of security, peace and peace in the hearts of non-Muslims who are worshiping.

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo instructed the Police and his staff to secure and provide a sense of comfort to the people who are worshiping. The presidential instruction was interpreted by the head of the Islamic mass organization to help secure security in realizing a sense of unity and unity.

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The Law of Keeping the Church According to the Context above
a. How is the law of the leadership of Islamic organizations instructing his subordinates to keep people who worship other than Allah?

b. What is the law of Muslims who keep non-Muslims who are worshiping on the basis of unity and unity of the country?

Download: Bahtsul Masa’il Decision Kubro XIX Se-Java Madura Pondok Pesantren Al Falah Ploso Mojo Kediri

Answer A:
Not true, because in the instruction encourage his men to commit immorality and tolerance in Islam is limited not to concern their religious affairs ..

Answer b:
idem with sub a

Unless the instruction is from the priest it is binding and permissible because the priest’s job is to maintain state stability.

Book: Santri Lirboyo Answering (Church Keeping Problem)

Asybah WanNadzoir Juz. 1 p. 233
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The Decree of the 19th Kubro Kindness Bahtsul
As-Java Madura Pondok Pesantren Al Falah Mojo Kediri Ploso
02-03 J. Akhirah 1438 H / 01-02 March 2017 M Commission A


KH. Nu’man Hakim
K. M. Sa’dulloh
K. Abdul Mannan

Agus H. Kanzul Fikri
Ust. Moh. Anas
Ust. Miftahul Khoiri
Ust. Bisri Musthofa
Ust. Dinul Qoyyim
Ust. Faidly Lukman Hakim
Moderator: Ust. A. Al Badawi
Minutes: M. Ardabili and Jalaluddin

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